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Breakfast quality

We would like to tell you about how our breakfast boast of a higher quality than what you are accustomed to, we would like you to feel like perfume the air of our cakes are freshly baked, but to get a concrete idea we can only invite you to try it!


A delicious Buffet

The summer is joy, and love, the same ones that scatter bursts from every product present in our breakfast buffet.
Is served in the breakfast room with sea view, because the location is also important, you'll find fresh baked bread and fresh cakes, croissants of various flavors, jams and nutella, yogurt various flavours, savoury dishes of the day including scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, raw vegetables with dip, beverages such as coffee, milk and chocolate, butter, cream cheese and cereal of various kinds.

There are also products for celiacs and intolerant.

At the table with taste

Desserts of our production

Fresh cakes filled with creams that will melt in your mouth, croissants, many tastes fragrant...all baked in the morning to let you enjoy to 100%.
That pleasure, that flavor!

In fact, all the pastries that you will have the opportunity to taste in holidays we are products, or from the oven or from the pastry chef of our hotel chain.

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